A sincere Thank you, Mr. Kevin Schmidt

The Monthly Metro East Pachyderm Club Meeting was last night (April 28th) @ Eckert’s Restaurant.

Our guest Speaker was Kevin Schmidt  who is running for State Representative of the newly formed 114 District.

Kevin bought some tickets for the 50/50 “Ace of Spades” drawing.  When a ticket was selected it was one of Kevin’s. Kevin then selected a card. It was “The Ace of Spades”. The Winner!!

The amount of money in the fund was just over. $1400.00.

Kevin refused to take his half of the over $1400.00 and donated it all back to our Club. We tried to get him to accept at least 1/2 but he still refused.

As the President of this Club and on behalf of all of our member:
A Sincere:
“Thank You” Kevin Schmidt.

Karen Rees, President
Metro East Pachyderm Club

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